I adopted Boomer from Safe Haven around July, 2012. My husband deployed about that time and that silly wonderful dog has kept me happy and sane the whole time. Boomer had never been a house dog before he was adopted by me. He was easy to house break and it only took a few weeks to accomplish this. He loves being a couch potato and watching TV is a favorite activity. He is the neighborhood dog and the kids in the neighborhood come over to play with him. Boomer firmly believes everyone loves him and its pretty much true. He goes for a four mile run about three times a week which tires him out. He is healthy, happy, and one of the best dogs I have ever owned. Boomer and Lucy, my other dog, are great friends and can often be found napping together in the house and in the yard. The pair goes everywhere with me. While my husband has been deployed we have gone up to Colorado several times and Arizona as well. They both love the car and having such a big dog like Boomer makes me feel safe. I am so glad I adopted this crazy massive dog. We had him DNA tested and he is a great dane/lab/shepherd mix. It makes for a wonderful combo. I tell all my friends about Safe Haven when they look for a dog. I hope soon a good friend of mine will be adopting one from you too. Thanks again for allowing me to adopt Boomer!

– Josey