In March 2012 we adopted a shepherd dog named Champ from you. Jeff called Champ “The Gentle Giant.” Champ and our daughter are friends and partners in crime. Champ taught her how to open doors so they could get treats out of the pantry. He helped her dig a hole in the backyard. Champ and she eat together, and if he fit in her toddler bed they would sleep together. Champ is also very protective of her. If you aren’t on his approved list you don’t get near our daughter.

My husband and I often wonder why Champ was at Safe Haven for so long. We are grateful, but we can’t imagine how Champ wasn’t adopted. He’s really a Gentle Giant, who is the perfect gentleman with our senior dog and the perfect friend for our daughter. We really must thank Jeff for helping us bring Champ into our lives and home.

Thanks Again,