I cannot imagine having any dog but Haleiha Kanani. She is such a calming influence on me. We go for walks in the neighborhood twice a day and often longer walks in La Llorona park by the Rio Grande.

Two years ago, when I was volunteer groomer at the SHAS, Haleiha lived in a crate in the manager’s (Jeff Barker) air conditioned office. I was immediately drawn to her because of her beautiful markings on her coat. I had never seen a Catahoula cur before.

Jeff had shared that she was a senior dog whose sight was compromised and that she may eventually go blind and was sensitive to the sun. I would begin my rounds grooming the dogs in outside kennels and end my rounds at the office with Haleiha. I would exercise and play with her and then comb out her fur. She loved the attention.

She and I immediately bonded. She was an answer to a prayer. I was looking for a companion for my aging Weimaraner, Zephyr. Jeff arranged times for Zephyr to visit Haleiha and helped me socialize and acclimate the two dogs after three visits. I was thrilled that they got along!

Her buddy, Zephyr, died four months after I adopted Haleiha. Haleiha’s gentle personality and beautifully patterned coat coupled with her mysterious Hawaiian name “Haleiha Kanani” (translation: Beautiful One) make her the perfect companion for me. Thank you.

– Mary A