Just want to share with you how Miguel is doing his first week in his new home. He did wonderfully on the 500 mile trip back to Arizona with us and bonded right away with our dog, Scooter, who we also had with us. He was a little fearful of our other cat, Raz, only because he didn’t know what to expect. Raz, is very kind and gentle and would just sniff at Miguel a little and back off when Miguel would hiss at him. Sure enough, about two days in, Miguel realized that Raz was a good guy and as of yesterday – barely five days after arriving – Miguel has become buddies with Raz. They have started playing and chasing each other around and this morning Miguel came over to where Raz was lying down and plopped right on him. Raz has taken on new life with Miguel and we’re both very happy that they’ll be good friends for each other. Miguel is just a wonderful little guy and we love him aleady. Thank you Safe Haven!