Mrs. Beasley has brought such joy and laughter to our lives. It’s exciting to have a younger cat in the house again. She follows me pretty much all over and loves her lap time around 4:00pm each day. AND, when we sit down at night to watch TV, she gets on the couch with us and watches too!! Steve (Mrs. Beasley’s adoptive dad) chooses shows with animals just for her to watch. When certain animals are on the TV, like tigers or horses, Mrs. Beasley gets on the floor right below the TV to get a closer look. She will even sit on the floor looking up at the TV when it isn’t on, like she’s waiting for the magic to happen. Steve has even bought a couple of animal DVD’s especially for Mrs. Beasley. She is such a bundle of love. We are so glad that we decided to adopt her. Thank you for taking such good care of her.