My husband and I moved to Las Cruces in 2007 with our three rescue dogs: two Golden Retrievers & a Labrador Retriever. Goldens and Labs were the only breeds we had ever had. I started volunteering at Safe Haven in 2010 and was under strict orders not to bring any animals home. As time passed, our dogs got older and one-by-one were called to heaven. One of the benefits of volunteering at the sanctuary is getting to know the dogs’ individual personalities. We adopted Panda (a Blue Heeler mix) in May 2011, Lucy (a Chihuahua) in October 2013 and Stella (formerly Sally, a Basset Hound/Boxer mix) in April 2015.

Lucy - Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary
Panda - Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary
Stella - Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary

These are all breeds I would have told you we would NEVER consider adopting. But because I got to know their personalities, I fell in love with each dog in spite of their breeds and my preconceived conceptions about those breeds. We love and adore each of our girls and cannot imagine life without them. My intent was to give of myself for the sake of the sanctuary and the animals, but in doing so, I have gained so much more than I ever expected.

~ Laura O’C