“My daughter Aislinn and I adopted our 2-year-old cat, Roxie, from Safe Haven in December 2010. She was comfortable in our home after the first week. We also have a male cat that adjusted to Roxie’s sweet personality very quickly. Roxie is a beautiful tortoiseshell that is playful, cuddly and adorable, but the day we went to see her, she totally ignored us. She is small and declawed, so she was a bit standoffish around the other cats. Jeff, the sanctuary manager, let us talk to her while standing back so we could decide whether to take her home. Safe Haven doesn’t want you to make a wrong decision. Jeff encourages people to make an appointment to come out to the sanctuary and see if a new family member is waiting for you. So I tell my friends who are thinking about adopting a dog or cat that I highly recommend Safe Haven. The animals are all so sweet and have at least a little history the team knows about.”

– Dawn H.