I just wanted to write you and update you on the Shepherd/Collie mix my roommate and I adopted from your sanctuary last March. His name at the Shelter was Bubba or Yogi, (some confusion there) but we renamed him Orion, or Ry for short.

We are so grateful for your sanctuary, and the chance we had to adopt a truly amazing dog. He is so friendly with other dogs, people, and even cats, but he is a good guard dog, and an excellent traveler! Ry and I visited my parents in Montana over Christmas, and he was a perfect angel in the car. Such a change from a little less than a year ago, when he would get car sick and throw up all over my car!
In the year that we have had him, Ry has grown an inch or two, and gone from a skinny 45lbs to one long, lean 60lb muscle! He enjoys hiking, wrestling, trips to the dog park, and (when in Montana) runs through the snow covered mountains and catching snowballs! Without Safe Haven, he probably would have been put down when the shelter in Carrizozo that ya’ll saved him from went through grave financial distress.

Thanks Safe Haven for giving animals a second chance to find families. I can’t imagine life without my overgrown mutt. 🙂