Shadow found his home with Bob & Susan Mitchell

When our Samoyed husky named Bo died of cancer in November of 2012, we weren’t sure if we wanted another dog. As a SHAS board member, I decided to volunteer at the Sanctuary’s cattery on Wednesdays because I wasn’t ready to be around dogs yet–and we have had several cats in our family over the years. However, the house felt empty, and we knew another dog could be right for us–and hopefully for the pup too! Naturally I thought first about adopting a dog from Safe Haven. But we kept putting it off–until I was asked to volunteer at a tabling event at Pioneer Women’s Park. I was to relieve the 2 volunteers over the lunch hour. While sitting there under the SHAS awning, Laura O’Connor, who volunteers for SHAS at their adoption events, arrived with a handsome black lab mix named Roland. We sort of looked each other over, and when I drove home, I asked my husband if we could both go out to see if this was “our dog.” Bob liked him too, and thanks to Sanctuary Manager Jeff Barker’s patience and Executive Director Lorna Harris’s willingness to let us wait until a planned trip was completed before we brought him to his new home, Shadow (his new name) joined the Mitchell family last September, 2013.

He was a bit shy at first, but being perfectly house-trained and eager to please, Shadow soon fit right in and made himself right at home–both inside and out in our yard. He loves to go up to one of the nearby schools on the week-end where we throw a ball and let him run like a greyhound–he loves the exercise! When our granddaughter came to visit, they played together constantly. He is a very good-natured dog, and we feel very lucky to have him in our family. Shadow is now 72 pounds of love and affection!