Our beloved little companion Moki, the sweetest, most patient, loving cat ever, passed away December 9, 2014 from liver failure. He was adopted from Safe Haven about 4 years ago and traveled with us here to Costa Rica. He will be missed greatly—especially since he was always cuddling in our laps.

We adopted Smokey (our Moki) in January 2010. He was an affectionate part of the family, moving with us to Costa Rica after completing all of his paperwork and vaccinations with the help of Dr. Pirtle. He enjoyed a large house with a cat perch in nearly every room, next to the windows. He explored the house daily to find a new place to sunbathe, but all with a view of his yard so he could watch the large variety of birds. He even had his own (well, shared with his sister) screened-in patio surrounded by native plants constantly loaded with hummingbirds. He loved to spend time there since he was accustomed to the openness of the Safe Haven cattery. He got along well with his big sister (a 100-plus pound German Shepherd) also adopted and moved with us (not from Safe Haven though).